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Who's Your God? A Comedy and Religion Podcast!

Aug 30, 2017

Adam Pasi is a hilarious comedian out of Portland, Oregon who grew up as a military brat and a Seventh Day Adventist. We chatted about being Samoan in the South (and more) while David Gborie lurks in the background

Aug 23, 2017

David Gborie is a comedian and angel living in Los Angeles who steals most of his guiding principles directly from the J-man himself. (Jesus.) David feels the presence of God when he hears almost any Casting Crowns song. Get charmed by him!

Aug 16, 2017

Christina Catherine Martinez went to clowning school to improve her standup and it sounds to us like basically a cult. We talked about Catholicism, being homeschooled, and why cheeseburgers should be the sacred food of any congregation. 

Aug 10, 2017

Dave Waite is a comedian and human gem from the great state of Ohio who managed to mostly avoid church entanglements despite being so close to Kentucky. Does Dave believe in anything when he seems so whimsical and carefree and devoid of the burden of faith? Listen to find out!

Aug 3, 2017

Carmen Morales doesn't suffer any fools! She wants people to stop being dicks and tells us about getting "baptized for booty."