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Who's Your God? A Comedy and Religion Podcast!

Jul 26, 2017

OJ Patterson is a writer, comedy person and real-life angel. His blog Courting Comedy has been chronicling the Bay Area comedy scene for years, even tho OJ decided standup was no longer his calling. We talk about black church, confronting bad behavior in a community, and more!

Jul 19, 2017

Julian is a hilarious and handsome stand-up comic who also happens to live in Amy's building! We talked about what it's like to grow up godless and a recent experience with a telephone psychic.

Jul 12, 2017

Caitlin Gill may or may not be a nihilist with a life philosophy that's partially based on a George Harrison quote. This was one of our favorite interviews so far!

Jul 5, 2017

Comedian and writer Rob Fee has a crazy ass story. He used to run the Ellen Show and have a #1 comedy album on iTunes (recording just two months into starting stand-up...) but before that he was a working pastor. We talked about working for God, how to make a hit comedy record, and why you should always request a contract.